Website of the Day: Marca World Cup 2010 calendar

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Marca World cup calendar.jpg
If you’re anything like me, World Cup calendars are probably two-a-penny in your house at the moment. I’ve got about 5 wall sized ones, and a handful of little pocket charts for various bags and trousers. Despite all these, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a better World Cup “wall-chart” than the virtual one over at

Like some sort of footballing sundial, it lets you see games by group, team nationality, date and stadium. Just roll your mouse cursor over one of the options arranged around the dial and watch the centre spring to life with all the detail you need.

It’s snazzy AND informative. Pair it up with our guide to watching the World Cup online and you shouldn’t miss a single goal when you’re by your PC.

Check out the Marca World Cup calendar here.

By Gerald Lynch | June 10th, 2010

  • http://[email protected] JORGE BECERRA

    I think this is a very good and easy planner,BUT ISN’T POSSIBLE CHANGING THE LOCAL TIME FOR OTHER COUNTRIES