VIDEO – Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 tablet caught on camera

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Looking for a video of Samsung’s Galaxy Tape tablet? Well, sorry, this isn’t quite it, but it may well whet your appetite still. This, the Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000, is a whole different tablet altogether.

It has a handful of Android buttons along the bottom not present in the shots of the Tape so far, as well as lacking the TouchWiz UI of the other tablet. There’s still a 7 inch AMOLED screen though it would seem, as well as the ill-advised ability to make calls using a massive dialler.

At 7 inches though, it’s looking a bit like either a phone for giants, or a tablet for little people, and cant quite make up its mind yet. What do you think?

Via: OLED-Info

By Gerald Lynch | June 16th, 2010

  • ritika

    wow a huge mobile called Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab.