David Beckham becomes Yahoo! football pundit for the World Cup

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Beckham Yahoo.jpgLooks like David Beckham will be playing for Yahoo! next season after signing a deal that will see him become the website’s public face for football coverage.

Beckham will be rolled out for Yahoo! coverage of the World Cup in South Africa and the 2010/2011 Premier League. Yahoo’ existing football coverage will now also be married with exclusive David Beckham content and commentary.

Becham will have his own microsite with Yahoo!, providing analysis and columns for the football pages, as well as directly answering fan questions over Yahoo Answers, Y! Messenger and Y! Mail.

“Yahoo has a true relationship with fans and is an online leader in sports content across the globe,” said Beckham. “[It] will allow me to interact one on one with as many football fans as possible, talking about the game I love.”

I wonder what his thoughts on “binocular soccer” are?

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By Gerald Lynch | June 8th, 2010

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    This is so cool, I love David Beckham.