Poll: What has caused BlackBerrys to be banned from David Cameron's Cabinet?

david cameron phone.jpgAccording to BBC Five Live, BlackBerry smartphones have been banned from the UK Cabinet. In a week in which the UK has seen it’s first coalition government formed in over three decades, you’d think any device that could help communications between the Liberal Democrats and Conservatives would be welcomed with eager twiddling thumbs.

But that apparently is not the case. So what distractions could smartphones be causing to have them banned from government meetings?

We’ve plucked a few ridiculous ideas from the ether. Pick what you feel is the most plausible in our poll below. And then hang your head in shame for voting in four sure-to-be-hellish years of Tory governance.

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Gerald Lynch

Gerald LynchPoll: What has caused BlackBerrys to be banned from David Cameron's Cabinet?
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    And this is the government with Andy Coulson in it. Er didn’t he used to tap phones of people in government when he was a tabloid hack?

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    I liked all your propositions but maybe the reason is far more business-related one and prosaic.

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