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Facebook adds "I've Voted" button for General Election

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Facebook election.jpgIf you're a UK resident and haven't been living under a stone for the last month, you'll know that today is vote-casting day in one of the most closely run General Elections in recent history. Facebook, recognising its platform's ability to encourage people to vote, has added an "I've Voted" button for UK users over 18 years old to mark the occasion.

So far, over half a million Facebook users have cast their vote. The vote tracker sits at the top of a user's news feed as a reminder to head out to the polling station, and while it doesn't directly reveal the voters party affiliation or location, it does offer the opportunity to leave a comment.

The tracker, which was used similarly in the 2008 US Presidential election, also invites users to check out the UK Democracy Facebook page, where vocal voters are engaged currently in some pretty heated debates.

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