CES 2010: Ion launch the iType full QWERTY keyboard add-on for the iPhone

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itype.jpgWhat is it with peripheral manufacturers turning perfectly portable devices into hulking behemoths with their (often unneeded) accessories?

Enter the iType, Ion’s full size QWERTY iPhone add-on.

Still there’s a use for this one I suppose. Laying your iPhone inside landscape wise, the iType doubles up as a charger and will be useful for those who Tweet or SMS a lot from the handset, or even use their iPhone to blog on.

You’re looking at around £60 for this when it launches in the first half of the year.

Via: Reg Hardware

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By Gerald Lynch | January 8th, 2010

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    Totally waste of money if you ask me. I would never buy something as big to carry around as a peripheral device for my phone.

  • http://compare3dgames.com niontendo 3ds addict

    I am afraid that people may laugh at me thinking I am too clumsy to type on the regular keyboard. But this is the very truth so I think I am buying one of those.

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