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CES 2010 - video of 'world's smallest Windows PC' - the UMID M Book 1

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UMID M BookAnd it really is tiny with just a 4.8inch screen. It weighs 8 pounds, runs XP, has a built in webcam, Bluetooth and WiFi and has a battery life of seven hours.

I found the keyboard to be surprisingly usable, though I think they probably need to do a little more work on the touch screen. I guess it works best if you use its stylus. There's no integrated mouse pad so you need to master the touch screen is it to be of any use.

The maker says it is the world's smallest PC. But what is a PC these days anyhow? It is quite possibly the smallest Windows PC. Oddly it reminds me of the old Psion Series 7 (ask your dad about that one)

It goes on sale in the US later this month via Amazon for $499

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