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RedEye turns your iPhone into a universal remote control

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Are you sick of having a different remote for every bit of kit in your house? Thanks to ThinkFlood's new RedEye device, you now only need your iPhone or iPod Touch to control nigh on every remote-controlled gadget in your house.

Using an app, your iPhone sends a Wi-Fi signal to the RedEye dock which then in turn turns your commands into an IR signal that your AV gear can understand.

You can customise the app to tailor controls to each room, or control multiple devices at once with the help of macro functions. There is even basic multi-touch functionality, like two-finger volume sliding.

A drop in price could make this a very popular add-on indeed.

If you're interested in getting a RedEye dock, visit The unit costs US$188 (circa £112) and ThinkFlood will happily ship the RedEye to UK homes.

UPDATE - I checked with the company about Sky+ boxes - they said

Yes, RedEye can control Sky+ boxes. However, we do not yet have the infrared codes for Sky in our database, so you would need to "learn" the commands from your existing remote.

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  • Paul S

    Ouch! Or for less than half that price you can get a decent Logitech remote to do exactly the same job!

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