Wii Motion Plus Racing Wheel launched by Exspect

Gerald Lynch Gaming, Tech Digest news 2 Comments

Exspect Wii Motion plus wheelIf you’re stuck for something to get your car-mad mates for Christmas, the Wii Motion Plus Racing Wheel from Exspect might make your Christmas shopping a bit easier.

Your Motion Plus-enhanced Wii-mote fits snugly in the back of the wheel casing, giving the illusion of a steering wheel. Regular Wii-motes will also fit inside the wheel.

£6.99 will bag you the add-on, or for £19.99 you can grab it as part of a 15 piece accessory pack which includes baseball and tennis accessories.

Exspect’s Wii Motion Plus Racing Wheel will be available from Play.com.

By Gerald Lynch | November 11th, 2009

  • http://www.triadsearchmarketing.com Jamesrrr

    NOW we’re talkin! This thing looks hot, hopefully it’s in the infamous ‘impulse buy’ price range :D

    • http://www.techdigest.tv Gerald

      True, true; these things are ten-a-penny. They should do a Blue Peter “Make Your Own Wii Add-Ons” special. They’d likely be just as useful!