SHINY PREVIEW: Emtec GBox nettop PC

Daniel Sung Computers, Previews 8 Comments

I very nearly walked out of a two hour press briefing from Emtec this afternoon. Sorry Emtec, I nearly did. You’re good people but it was too long for a man in shorts and flip flops when the air-con’s jacked up to Siberia.

Thankfully, those that stuck around were rewarded for their patience with unveiling of a nettop PC to hit the market some time in the distant future. It’s a very similar proposition to the likes of the Acer Revo and the Asus eBox but it’s going to be around £20 cheaper and quite considerably thinner. Take a look…



By Daniel Sung | July 2nd, 2009

  • Matt

    This is a classic example of a company that does NOT understand the market but blindly goes forward and develops a product anyway.

  • David Russell

    No HDMI? What in the name of possessed them to do that? What, furthermore, is the point of putting the HD-capable Ion chipset in the thing without giving it the ability to connect to HDTVs? This could have been a Popcorn Hour-killer.

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