Dyson reveals world's fastest ever motor

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Dyson-engine_1430853c.jpgNormally, we wouldn’t bother reporting about the release of a hand-held vacuum cleaner. They’re just not that exciting. But Sir James Dyson – the man who revolutionised the vacuum cleaner and washing machine industries – has claimed that the DC 31’s motor is the “fastest motor in the world, by a long stretch”.

104,000 revolutions per minute make the motor ten times faster than the one found in a Boeing 747 and five times quicker than an F1 car’s motor. I bet the plane and the F1 car could still beat the vacuum cleaner in a race though.

Dyson has stated that the DC 31 is just the first of a long line of products that will include the new motor. He said: “It’s radical. It’s completely different technology. We are the only company in the world producing a switched reluctance motor.”

Get your Dyson DC 31 here. It’s £129.99. Or £149.99 for the Animal version.

(via The Telegraph)

By Paul Lamkin | June 26th, 2009

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