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aaSNES1 - Acer Aspire One/SNES PC/console mod

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"Take one of the greatest games consoles ever made, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Then gut it to place a fully working PC inside of it." Words spoken from the brains of a true modder.

This is the Acer Aspire SNES 1. It's an 8.9-inch Acer Aspire One A150 / Super Nintendo Entertainment System (UK) remix built from the genius of two British super-hacks by the names of quangDX and DuPPs.

Their masterpiece isn't quite finished - they're waiting for a few bits and pieces from Hong Kong - but you can already appreciate what a great job they've done. Some clever use of LEGO blocks to get the components to sit at the correct levels and a USB to joypad converter for your mouse, or what have you, but the best touches have got to be the 4-LED SNES logo on top and the way that the Super Mario World game cartridge is used to house both a webcam and a slot-loading DVDRW. Nice touch.

Go and take a closer look of how it's all done on their website but, before you go, do show your appreciation of a rather splendid piece of work. Hip, hip...


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  • a bit of an update on the website, so very close to completion now, had a few hiccups, but getting there.

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