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DiBcom claims world's first HD DTT decoder in a USB key

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dibcom-dtt-hd-usb-key.jpgDiBcom, maker of hardware for mobile TV, has claimed a world first with the introduction of its HD ready digital terrestrial decoder in a USB key device.

It's likely that the "world's first" claim is to do with the size of the device, because other manufacturers including Happauge and Elgato have already developed USB devices capable of receiving over-the-air HD broadcasts.

The company has collaborated with French broadcaster CANAL+ to offer its 18 free channels and premium CANAL+ HD channel. The CANAL+ KEY features a double receiver so it's possible for a connected PC to be used as a PVR.

All very nice for French viewers, but no use to us Brits just yet. As and when Freeview gets some high definition channels, let's hope that it uses the same enhanced DVB-T format. If it does then solutions like this will allow the viewing of free high definition content on a PC.

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