Concept Mac "triBook": fold out wings for extra screen space

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Portable computers are great but they’re not known for their screen real estate. The concept “triBook” based on an Apple notebook computer is a pretty impressive idea which solves that.

As the photo shows, it features a fairly standard notebook but with two additional side screens that fold out and can be angled to provide additional working/gaming space on each side of the main display. Together, they offer a total 21-inch diagonal widescreen.

There’s also a super-wide trackpad, just in case the standard one isn’t enough for you. The concept machine also contains an 8x SuperDrive, high quality hard drive, and a CPU with similar specifications to the standard MacBook Pro.

Whether anything like this would ever make it to market is another matter. I can imagine those screens getting easily damaged while on the move.

(Via DVice)

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By Andy Merrett | December 11th, 2008

  • Jill

    I don’t think the fold out extra screens would get damaged any more then the normal middle one. if the laptop is in a proper case then it should be alright. Laptops are not meant to be like Fisher price toys. Of course they would get damaged if not properly taken care of.

  • austin

    I wud buy for sure

  • 8mz

    i think it looks a bit chubby i don't know maybe it's just me but the ideas cool though

  • 8mz

    i think it looks a bit chubby i don’t know maybe it’s just me but the ideas cool though