Bopaboo – selling second-hand MP3s. This has got to be a joke, right?

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bopaboo-logo.jpgA site has just launched called Bopaboo. It claims to be a marketplace that allows you to resell unwanted MP3s to other people. There are only two valid conclusions to be had here – either it’s a joke, or it’s been set up by some people who haven’t got the faintest idea about how digital music works.

At the moment it’s still in private beta, but if you can track down an invite code (I found one on Google in less than 30 seconds) then you can try it out. You upload songs, and then others can download them at a price, at which point you get some cash, and the site takes 20%. No word on how much of that 20% goes back to the record labels.

The most hilarious thing? They expect you to delete the MP3 after you’ve uploaded it. On the upload page they say “Remember, once you sell a song, it is your responsability (sic) to delete all copies from your possession”.

I love the idea here – that a legalised P2P service could be created where people can resell their music, and the labels get a chunk of the (reduced) price, but when it comes to digital files, there’s absolutely no difference between ‘new’ and ‘second-hand’ music – it’s identical. The IFPI will likely shut this site down faster than you can say ‘piracy’.

Bopaboo (via CMU Daily)

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By Duncan Geere | December 4th, 2008

  • Andy Merrett

    Woo! I have 1,000 copies of every MP3 file on my computer. No, wait, it’s 10,000 copies. Loadsamoney!

  • MadMax

    It’s actually a great site. They only let you upload one copy of a song, so you can’t sell the same song 10K times. If the music industry has any brains they will embrace this site because digital piracy is a 40 Billion dollar a year business. And that’s 40 Billion that the record labels don’t ever get to see. Even if they can get a small percentage of that through Bopaboo or whomever that’s a great win for everyone.

    Disclaimer: I am not affiliated w/ Bopaboo in any way but I am a beta tester.

    • Duncan Geere

      What’s to stop me downloading a torrent of MP3s from the Pirate Bay and uploading them to Bopaboo?

      Also, does Bopaboo actually pay any money to record labels? I’ve seen no evidence of that…

  • Matt

    Why would the record labels be entitled to a chunk? Do record labels get any money for second hand CDs sold on ebay or else where?

    I think the site is genius, as it highlights the gaping flaws in the digital music industy.

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