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Robot maid knows how to clean and wash, but will never feel emotions

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Tony Blair famous said that "we're all middle class now" - what he failed to point out though, was that it was because we can now build a new working class of robots trained to do the menial stuff that rich people used to employ poor people to do.

Tokyo University's Information and Robot Technology centre developed the "Assistant Robot" to do everything from hoovering, to cleaning the kitchen to the laundry. Rumours has it that the project started life with the goal to create the "perfect wife", but this goal was later changed when they only managed to build to robot to 1950s wife standards.

It apparently works using 3D sensors to detect where stuff is, and will figure out itself when there is more work to do be done - and it won't ask you to help out at all. Great.

(via Engadget)

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