Harman Kardon brings DMC 1000 media centre to the UK

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Harman Kardon has announced that its DMC 1000 media centre is now available in the UK.

The DMC 1000 incorporates a 250GB hard drive and will happily consume all your CDs to create a digital jukebox, as well as featuring a DVD player and optional iPod connection.

It can handle most video formats and can upscale DVD and other video content for watching on a high definition TV. It can also burn content to CD.

Available in sleek black with a remote control, its on-screen menu system should make it easy to navigate to audio and video files. It even has a touch-sensitive front panel so if you happen to be sitting next to it, rather than on your sofa, you can control it directly.

Available now for a RRP of £1,800.


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By Andy Merrett | October 28th, 2008

  • http://shop.it.ee/ Jack Dell

    Interestingly the HD is so small, not enough to store HD movies.

  • Ali

    no your wrong jack mate.. the HD is actually 1080p.
    This peace of kit looks very interesting.. I specially like the ipod feature, and the ability to play 4 simultaneous music in different rooms is amazing.