SIG: Plogg – energy monitoring bluetooth plugs for a greener home and grid

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Bluetooth techonology doesn’t all have to be all about handsfree kits and trinkets for mobile phones. No, indeed something as simple as a household plug can bred with the short range wireless system to produce the Plogg, which is used to monitor the energy consumption of your household appliances and, eventually, even prevent blackouts, but I’ll allow the nice man to explain…


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By Daniel Sung | September 18th, 2008

  • DennisSC

    Good work talking above the din there. Obviously, a terrific and much needed bit, and it looks good like their industrial design firm / people did a good job with it, too.

    • Daniel Sung

      Oh and cheers Dennis, yes they seem to have got it pretty well covered. The only issue is that it’s rather expensive for consumers just now even though it’s cheap as far as businesses are concerned. If people buy them and sign up to the potential national grid scheme, I think they could work a treat.

  • gslondon

    Please would someone explain to Daniel that bluetooth doesn’t require that devices be pointing at each other to make a connection. In the video he seems to point his phone at the Plogg to get the data. Daniel its not infra-red mate!

    • Daniel Sung

      No, it isn’t infra-red but if there’s one thing I know about demonstrating gadgets live on camera, it’s give them the best possible chance of working. I’d have run over there and touched the phone onto the Plogg if I thought the camera would have followed me quick enough.

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