JATY DR7200 sat nav with MP3 player, DMB television and breathalyzer

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Those crazy Koreans have brought out a new auto toy to tell if you’re fit to drive after a few jars of the sauce. Yes, the JATY DR7200 doubles as a breathalyzer as well as a GPS buddy, MP3 player, ebook reader, DMB television device, games console and all round modern day motoring Swiss Army Knife.

What it won’t do is drive you home on autopilot while you doze away in the car to wake up, dry-mouthed on the driveway having dribbled your body’s water reserves onto the dashboard, which is exactly where your wife and horrified children find you moments before the divorce proceedings begin.

Yes, instead the JATY DR7200 will be a good soul and simply allow you to breath your filthy boozy stench all over its 17cm screen and do its best to offer you a reading before it melts. It’ll be available for around $300 when it comes out. It may seem quite a lot but it’s a saving compared to the cost of a new car, a good lawyer and any alimony.

(via Red Ferret)

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By Daniel Sung | July 15th, 2008

  • TJ

    When can we get one to use state side??