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Mr Tan's incredible child-sized home made mobile phone

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mr-tan-and-his-massive-mobile-phone.jpgThat's Mr Tan. Say hello to Mr Tan - but don't get too close to him because he's INSANE.

Mr Tan has, for some odd reason, decided to build a much bigger replica of his mobile phone. You can just about see the phone there to the left of Mr Tan. It's the orange thing. Got it? Good.

The monster mobile works properly, takes photos, records video and lets Mr Tan send text messages to his friends - at least, to any friends that haven't disowned him and blocked his number. It also gives Mr Tan a much better reception due to the internal antennae being around 620 times the size of the original. The phone weight 48.5lbs.

Mr Tan missed out on a joke by not also making a massive charger. That would've been the icing on the cake, although it is still quite amusing to see a mobile plugged into the mains. Well done, Mr Tan.

(Via Weird Asia)

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