Apple reveals 'Steve Jobs Air'

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The new streamlined Steve Jobs Air comes in the same smart casual denin jeans and sleek dark top design we’ve come to know and love, but now – thanks to a rigorous low-carb diet – Apple’s new Steve Jobs Air weighs in around 15 pounds lighter!

Pictured below – the original bulky Steve Jobs 1.0 (left) and the slimmer Steve Jobs Air:


Sadly, this means the new Steve Jobs Air is incompatible with previous Steve Jobs version 1.0 accessories. Which means you will have to rebuy all your Steve Jobs jumpers, jeans and underpants if you want them to work on the Jobs Air.

Fortunately, the feet of the Steve Jobs Air have remained the same size, so existing Steve Jobs socks and shoes are 100% compatible with the Steve Jobs Air.

(Via Valleywag)

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By Gary Cutlack | June 11th, 2008

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  • Lily

    He’s secret to weight loss…Apple daily they say it keeps a doctor away.

  • Anonymous

    not really funny since his weight loss is due to cancer.

  • Anonymous

    Dude, the guy has cancer.. :P

    I get it’s a joke though :P

  • DianaZobel

    Steve Jobs Air good transformation can be a result of positive diet and patience. Losing weight is not an overnight thing. It must be coupled with the right food and exercise.

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  • Vanzarro

    Rest in Peace, Steven Paul Jobs.

  • mayumi

    wtf..this isnt funny. steve jobbs air? the FUCKER HAD CANCER. and now he’s in hell