Zune overtakes Creative as Microsoft hits 2 million MP3 player sales

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mp3-player-market-share.jpgMuch like John Terry, Bill Gates may be taken to hospital today with a dislocated arm from trying to give himself a pat on the back after the Zune hit 2 million sales, taking a 4% share of the MP3 player market, double that of rivals Creative.

Half of those sales have come in since November last year and the launch of the second generation Zune, which seems to have done the trick as far as consumers are concerned, with a much better range of PMPs.

The stats also show a missing per cent theorised by those at PMP Today as result of MP4 player sales in China, and they may be right, but I’m rather curious as to what the NPD survey considers as an MP3 player. Are we talking iPhones too, and in that case presumably that includes any portable device playing MP3s, like other phones?

So, then this missing per cent could be people dispensing with MP3 players and using the facilities on their much improved mobiles instead? Of course one per cent is a very small thing when you’ve 100 of them to look after and it’s equally possible that the statistician let it slip out of his pocket and dropped it down the back of his sofa at home where it’s gathering fluff as we speak.

Wherever it’s got to, Microsoft would have a much better chance of picking it up along with many others if they started selling the Zune outside of the States. For Canada that won’t be too long but we could be waiting quite some time in Europe.

(via PMP Today)

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By Daniel Sung | May 12th, 2008