Liquid perfection for your PC: the super cool motorcycle case mod

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motorcyle case mod 400 pix.jpg
This motorcycle isn’t just cool, it’s liquid cool. Yes, those mesmeric, green cylinders at the back of this PC case mega-mod aren’t just for decoration, they act as a water jacket to keep even the most revved up of graphics cards and processors at a fully functional temperature.

This bad to the bone creation is the work of Russian designer Dennis Ilyin – or Xooler as you may know him – and was entered into an NVIDIA sponsored case mod contest. He came second. I know. By all means, go and check out the rest.

I rather like the camouflage vacuum cleaner myself. At least it’s slightly more practical than the bike. I’d have some serious issues parking it up in my shoe-box of a flat and with those exposed boards, you’re just asking for trouble. I’d have a mug of tea down that in seconds.

Topmods (via Gearfuse)

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By Daniel Sung | April 4th, 2008

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