The day the music died – Microsoft to launch the Joy Division Zune

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joy-division-zune.jpgJoy Division was once a cool edgy band for cool edgy kids – and now it’s just a marketing tool for corporate America.

Yes, according to Wired, Microsoft is to release a Joy Division edition of its Zune MP3 player to coincide with the June 10th release of a DVD about the band. Can you hear that scratching sound? It’s Ian Curtis spinning in his grave.

The image here is an Engadget mock-up, but the finished player will actually feature Peter Saville’s iconic 1979 artwork for the band’s Unknown Pleasures album. Nothing more is known – except that it’s unlikely to be offered for sale in Manchester.

Microsoft (story via Wired and image via Engadget)

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By Dave Walker | April 18th, 2008

  • j dog

    ima buy that nigga, fa shizzle! this zune is the shiznit

  • jd_fan

    well, I would like 2 ‘ve got it!!! kisses 4 every jd_fans :D

    my blog is in Polish, cause I’m from Poland ;P

  • joeyjojo

    if it had been apple you’d have been on your knees giving jobs a reach-around