MTV and Sky team up to launch limited edition Multiroom box

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In celebration of MTV’s upcoming Spring schedule, the network has joined forces with Sky to launch its very own bespoke MTV Multiroom box design – seen above. Essentially, it’s the same as any other Sky Multiroom box, but it has been pimped out the custom human X-ray design, which even spills over on to the remote. Hit the turn for a picture of it.

Naturally, these babies are highly limited. You could hang on for an on-air competition coming in mid-April to win one (and the rest of a full Sky package), or you could go to the official website and buy one for fifty quid, which isn’t all that bad really.


So if you’re worried that your teenage offspring is becoming worryingly sociable and outgoing, and think that you’d feel far happier if they were just like other normal kids and confined themselves to their room all day watching pop icons gyrate around a screen (in a manner that wasn’t considered savoury back when we were young), this is pretty much the way to go.

MTV’s 2008 Spring schedule sees the return of American reality imports including The Hills, Flava of Love and The Real World, as well as UK Cribs and the network’s televised search for a new MTV news presenter, Pick me TV. MTV’s channels can be found between 340 – 348 on Sky.


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By Al W | April 2nd, 2008