Xbox Live cheats branded, heckled in streets

Richard Gilzene Gaming Leave a Comment

xbox_360_live.jpgWell, maybe not. But after warning gamers of the repercussions of cheating on Xbox Live last year, Microsoft have taken a hard line punishing the worst offenders.

Users found guilty of gamesaving or otherwise tampering with their score will have a host of steps taken against them. Gamerscores will be reset to zero, all previous achievements made un-attainable in the future, and accounts branded with the mark of the cheat.

And MS won’t stop there. Further violation of the Xbox Live ToS through Gamerscore tampering could eventually result in accounts being canceled altogether.

Although cheaters will have the chance to redeem themselves through ‘fair gameplay’ in the future, appeals to win points back won’t be heard. So blaming it on your best mate or your nan won’t work.

(via Spong)

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By Richard Gilzene | March 25th, 2008