Top eight X-Files gadgets and applications, because WE BELIEVE. Probably.

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Yesterday the second official teaser trailer for the upcoming X-Files 2 film was uploaded to YouTube (above), churning Files fans’ stomachs with the possibilities for the hugely-awaited film. Snow! It has snow! What does that mean? Ooh, Scully looks gorgeous with long hair! Wow, Billy Connolly looks even more insane than normal! Amanda Peet – oh noes! Wait, was that Xzibit?!

To celebrate the film getting a release date of July 25th, I’ve rounded up some of the best X-Files related products and applications available on the internet. It’s what Mulder would’ve wanted.

x-files-computer-tower.jpg1.) Fanmade PC tower case on eBay – currently on $50 with no bids, the tower has six drive bays and two floppy bays, plus several carefully-chiseled see-through bits. Plus a big ‘X’ etched into that metallic green spraypaint, which, as the seller says, is ‘great for THE X FILES Fan!’

scully-autopsy-figure.jpg2.) Scully autopsy figurine – man or woman, I’m sure you’ll agree with me that Scully is completely and utterly gorgeous. I once dressed up as her for a fancy-dress school disco when I was 12, such was my love for her. I’m sure you’ll agree she is most attractive when donning her autopsy garb, so for £24.99, you can reenact those scenes with this figurine. And then some. Ahem.

x-files-playstation.jpg3.) X-Files: The Game – I remember playing this on the PlayStation when it came out in 1999, but don’t think I ever got around to finishing it. If you never played it, or just want to give it another go, it’s only £2.99 on eBay.

facebook-xfiles-application.jpg4.) Addicted To The X-Files Facebook application – 469 people on the ‘book use this application daily, which puts a daily quote onto your profile, displays your level of geekdom, and all sorts.

chillpak-x-files.jpg5.) Chillpak – bizarrely, Dean Haglung, who played Ringo from the Lone Gunmen, fancies himself as an inventor, and way back in 2004 once comic-con signings dried up, he created this Chillpak device, basically a gel pack which you rest your laptop on, to cool it down. $24.95 for helping an out-of-work actor.

x-files-boxset.jpg6.) X-Files complete box-set – with all nine series on DVD, you need not ever leave your house again. I started re-watching the show from the pilot episode a year ago, and am almost ready to begin watching series four. It takes ages! And at £179.99, you’d hope so.

sony-discman-x-files.jpg7.) Sony Discman – given to the crew who worked on X-Files as a Christmas present, it’s got the logo on it, and comes with a matching CD wallet. Not bad for $3.25.

twitter-x-files2.jpg8.) X-Files 2 Twitter – they just added me five minutes ago, and it appears they’ve only just signed up today. Still, they’re bringing fresh news and spoilers on the new film, so worth an add.

Circle July 25th in your diaries, folks – THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE.

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By Katherine Hannaford | March 28th, 2008