Philips announces their GoGear SA52 PMP with 4GB capacity

Katherine Hannaford MP3 players, Personal video players 5 Comments

philips-GoGear SA52.jpgApologies, this is turning into a Philips-themed day!

The company has just announced the GoGear SA52 PMP, which plays MP3, WMA and AAC music files, along with WMV video. With 4GB of storage and a 2.8″ QVGA LCD display, it also features some controversial audio ‘upscaling’, where the Digital Signal Processor adds ‘quality’ to the compressed audio tracks.

I’m always hesitant to recommend products that enhance audio files, adding in sounds when they weren’t there to begin with, but for the average consumer, I’m sure they could be quite happy with this entry-level PMP.


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By Katherine Hannaford | March 19th, 2008

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