HP to focus on Internet opportunities and software

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hp_invent_logo.gifHewlett Packard has announced that it’s going to be downsizing the scale of its research operations, and focus upon Internet opportunities and software.

Globally, HP is working on around 150 small projects, but that number is set to fall to around twelve.

HP’s chief executive, Mark Hurd, said that the move was “a big deal” for the company, saying that they were “placing fewer, bigger bets”.

They’ll focus on the likes of Earth-friendly computing, handling digitised information, and providing online services.

“The era of device-centric computing is over. The services you care about will come to you anywhere on any device. The content will sit in the cloud and devices are fungible.”

In other words, a lot of applications and services will be accessed over the Internet, and it’s not so important exactly what media is used to communicate — it’s the communication itself that’s important.

Hurd then proceeded to use a lot of big phrases including “crowd sourcing” and “talent aggregation”. However, he also said that the company would begin moving at “Internet speed”.

“We hope to solve the most challenging problems facing our customers in the next decade, and drive HP growth,” said HP Labs director Prith Banerjee.

HP, traditionally known as a hardware company, is now the sixth largest software company.

(Via Yahoo! News)

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By Andy Merrett | March 7th, 2008