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Facebook hacker looks through Paris Hilton's private pics, miraculously escapes untraumatized

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facebook_logo.jpgPictures of Paris Hilton 'enjoying' a post-Emmy 'party' with her superbly named bro, Barron, have been leaked from her private Facebook account after holes in the site's recent security upgrade were exploited.

Computer technician, Byron Ng, successfully circumvented Facebook's privacy protection after finding flaws in the update, which was meant to give users greater control over who can see their details.

Ng perused Paris' private photos, and even Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg's personal album, before contacting Associated Press with details of the hack yesterday afternoon. Representatives for the 40 million strong social networking site claim the security hole has already been patched.

In a comprehensive and wholly assured statement, a Facebook spokesperson said: "We take privacy very seriously and continue to make enhancements to the site."

(via The Times Online)

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  • Byron Ng keep up the good work so Facebook is always on their toes, their prompt reaction is good but better if they are proactive instead.

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