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New ultra-flat screen UT series from Hitachi include UT32MH70, UT37MX70 and UT42MX70

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This morning Hitachi is launching some ultra-flat LCD screens in their UT series, just one third the depth of standard flatscreens.

With three sizes - the 32" UT32MH70, 37" UT37MX70 and 42" UT42MX70, they have 35mm profiles and weigh a minimum of 10.9kg.

IPS LCD technology has been adopted in the creation of these panels, giving viewers "superior brightness, contrast and colour" according to the release.

Hitachi has also announced the launch of a digital tuner for the UT series, which will be available in October.

There's been no word on pricing as yet, however the 32" model will be available in April, with the next two sizes following in May and June.


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