Halo shoes – for the man who has everything to do with Halo, apart from the shoes

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They’re by Adidas. They have the Halo logo on them. They are black, which is definitely the best colour choice for an item of clothing aimed at teenage males who are into Halo. It’s quite subtly done, but chances are you still wouldn’t really want people to see you wearing them.

Here they are:


It’s the Adidas Gil II Zero Halo Sneaker, which Adidas is stupidly – or perhaps very wisely – only making 100 of. Presumably it’s actually making 200 of them – 100 left ones and 100 right ones. They don’t go into that much detail in the press release.

They’re only $110 and will no doubt be endlessly traded on eBay between collectors of video game merchandise, rather than ever being worn.

For more news about all kinds of tat with the Halo logo stuck on it, check out Shiny Media’s Xbox blog Xboxer.

(Via Geekologie)

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By Gary Cutlack | February 6th, 2008

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    halo shoes?
    pfft, where are my sonic sneakers?
    Extra bonus points if they came in a tv you had to smash to retrieve them.