Terrorise your workmates with a Disintegrator rubber band gun

Stuart Dredge Gadgets 9 Comments


Sorry, that should be DISINTEGRATOR, because sometimes products genuinely have earned the right to be capitalised. So, the DISINTEGRATOR is a rubber band gun like no other.

The British-made gun can fire 40 rounds a second from 24 revolving barrels. It’s got a maximum range of 22 feet, takes five hours to charge, and then only lasts for around seven minutes seconds. If you had one of these, your workmates would never flick rubber bands at your ears again. And it even comes with a tripod. Genius. There’s a YouTube video after the jump.

DISINTEGRATOR website (via Hacked Gadgets)

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By Stuart Dredge | January 16th, 2008

  • Lo

    I think you meant it lasts for seven seconds, not seven minutes. It’s still awesome though!

  • DensityDuck

    They need to fit it with a potato gun to act as a grenade launcher.

  • Charlie

    Now that the makers of the DISINTEGRATOR have completed building it, they can return to their regularly scheduled masturbation to screencaps from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

  • http://www.speedstrip.com Jerry Bobbinpin

    That video is entirely too long. How many times do we need to watch it do an axial rotation before we finally get to see it fire? Apparently one hundred.

  • Sable C. Hoover

    I like how my cheetah thong taste like pizza and old people. ;P

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