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Tangent Cinque offers a stylish DAB/FM/CD radio


DAB digital radios are quietly continuing to become more popular, with a rash of cheap models in the supermarket helping spread the word. The Tangent Cinque isn't cheap, but it's certainly made me cheerful today.

It's a DAB/FM radio that doubles as a CD player, and comes with a heavyweight wooden cabinet rather than a plastic exterior. Apparently it enhances the sound performance. For your dosh you get a single speaker, retro Danish design, and a whumping 3" drive unit. Oh, and you can choose between four finishes: walnut, white gloss, black gloss and red gloss.

Yes, you can plug an iPod into it, since you ask, via its Aux input. There are 12 presets for your favourite stations, and it can even work as a clock radio, which is a bedside bonus. The Tangent Cinque goes on sale in the first week of February from £239.99, although there's also a DAB-free model available from £189.99. But you want the DAB one, obviously.

Tangent website

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Posted by Stuart Dredge on January 31, 2008 3:08 PM in DAB
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What's a CD?

Posted by: ecobore | January 31, 2008 8:50 PM

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