Someone's actually made a Manilla envelope sleeve for MacBook Air

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When Steve Jobs unveiled the MacBook Air earlier this week, the big schtick was that it could fit into a manilla envelope. Because it’s so thin and lightweight, see? But few people would spend over a grand on a new laptop and then keep it in an actual envelope.

Thankfully, someone’s created the AirMail. It’s a $29.95 notebook sleeve designed for the MacBook Air, which looks like… yep, a manilla envelope. It’s the work of designer Jona Bechtolt and journalist Claire Evans, who must’ve got to work within seconds of Steve unveiling the notebook on-stage.

It’s made of “upholstery-grade vinyl” and lined with soft fleece. If you order now, it’ll arrive in a couple of weeks, around the same time as the MacBook Air ships. I bet they get overwhelmed with orders though, since it’s a neat (and topical) product.

AirMail website

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By Stuart Dredge | January 17th, 2008