Rumours abound that Paramount is the latest studio to drop HD DVD in favour of Blu-ray

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paramount-logo-2.jpgFurther hammering the nail into HD DVD’s coffin, it appears Paramount is the latest film studio to drop the high-def format, after reports today from the Financial Times suggested they’re following Warner Brothers’ decision on Friday to back Blu-ray.

Paramount, DreamWorks Animation and Universal are the only real feathers to the format’s cap, and to lose another studio so soon after Warner will result in the ‘format war’ being decided once and for all.

Apparently Paramount’s contract with the HD DVD group has a written ‘get out of jail free card’ clause within it, giving the studio the right to abandon the format if Warner Brothers decides to do so first. It’s been reported that due to DreamWorks and Paramount having such a close relationship to one another, the former might well have the same clause.

Both parties are yet to confirm the rumours.

(via Financial Times)

By Katherine Hannaford | January 8th, 2008

  • Andy Merrett

    Paramount has denied the rumours, which probably means it’s true.

    Microsoft still loves the format, too, apparently.