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CES 2008: Toshiba's arty 'world's highest capacity 2.5" external hard drive', the 320GB-er

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toshiba-320gb.jpgToshiba's been kicking around the mobile storage industry for a good few years now, so it's refreshing to see them update their line with something visually appealing, and also with a worthy claim. Yep, it's another 'World's most...' product.

Take a deep breath - these 320GB HDDs are the world's highest-capacity 2.5" storage device. Not as impressive as Panasonic's 'World's largest HD TV', but nonetheless, it's a little something to help cheer them up after the whole format wars situation.

Included with the unit are the usual encryption and back-up software, plus a USB cable, all for $199 later this month. Did we mention they're purdy? I can't believe I'm writing this, but it looks like external hard drives just got sexy back.


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