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CES 2008: Panasonic's two world's largest Plasmas, side by side

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We've shown you a video of the 150" Panasonic TV, but how exactly does that compare to last year's 103-incher? Just take a look at what 47" difference makes.

Does anyone else feel their 42" telly at home is decidely inadequate now? This must be what it feels like to be a man at public urinals.

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  • Erm, yeah...

    Dr. Cox: In case you were wondering, it says, "If you can read this, you're standing too close."

    He flushes and zips up.

    Turk: No, I wasn't trying know...look....

    Dr. Cox stands behind him and crosses his arms.

    Dr. Cox: Now let's see if you can tinkle when someone's staring at you.

    Turk struggles.

    Dr. Cox: Yeah, go ahead and take your time -- I actually have all day.

    Turk: [encouraging himself] Come on....


    Dr. Cox is at a urinal, and Turk comes up to the one next to him.

    Turk: Hey. How you doing?

    Dr. Cox: Oh, hey! How are you? Can I buy you a beer? This is a men's room, for God's sake -- there is absolutely no talking in here. Ever.

    Turk: It's just so freaky, you know? We're on the same pee schedule.

    Dr. Cox: No we're not. No we're not! No, no.

    He leaves.

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