CES 2008: Motorola Z10 to get you 'content creating'

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Dave told us about the Motorola Z10 mobile phone yesterday, but Susi managed to have a play around with it, with a video below the jump. Here’s what she had to say about the actual phone itself…

Content Creating. Sounds painful, but is actually pretty fun. Motorola have decided they want to ‘own’ the YouTube generation, by bringing us a camera that records high quality video, gives you loads of lovely editing options and then uses HSDPA to upload them to YouTube, Facebook et al. Aka, creating content, see?

It’s a kickslider, like the Z8, but features a much prettier metal body. The video records at 30fps, which is far superior to anything you’d need on YouTube. However, it does mean you can slow down the footage, giving extra director weight to your masterpiece. There’s also the ability to add slides, text, music, fading effects and chop up and switch around the scenes you’ve shot. In all honesty, we’re hoping that someone will give us some of these for our video reviews. Please?

For a video of the phone in all its glory, click over the jump.

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By Katherine Hannaford | January 8th, 2008