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CES 2008: KDDI's Sanyo W53SA waterproof digital TV mobile phone

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w53sa.jpgRemember when Stuart went to Tokyo a couple of months ago, and shot a video of KDDI Communications' W53SA mobile phone being dunked in a bowl of water? Better quickly add the waterproof W53SA. Here's a couple of photos I took today at CES of it running digital TV, unfortunately there were no tubs of water around to test it out myself...

...They were all over at the Sony stand, just in case any of their Vaios catch fire. I keeeed, I keeeed. Anyway, the waterproof 1-seg Sanyo Digital TV phone with 2-megapixel camera, a 400x240 primary display, and will probably never make it outside of Japan, save for being shown off to drooling press at consumer electronics shows.

More pics under the jump.


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