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CES 2008: Blu-ray studios claim 85% share of HD hardware market, predict two million player sales in 2008

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Blu-ray_logo-755087.jpgThis evening's Blu-ray press conference at CES was a predictably cheery affair, although thankfully without too many digs at HD DVD, and more focus on the state of the market, and plans for 2008.

The collective of Blu-ray studios were bullish on figures, claiming 66% of the global market for HD disc sales in 2007, compared to HD DVD's 34%. Meanwhile, they said Blu-ray now has an 85% share of the HD hardware market, a figure that includes PS3s.

According to the group, by the end of 2007, half a million Blu-ray players had been sold, along with three million PS3s. They're predicting two million standalone Blu-ray player sales in 2008, and another four million PS3s - making 9.5 million Blu-ray players overall by the end of 2008.

Them's the figures. Now read the liveblog of the press conference for all the detail.

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