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Eee PC an actual statistical success - 350,000 sold already, says Asus

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It's today's Asus Eee PC News of the Day!

Today's Asus Eee PC news is the official global sales figures for the thing so far - it's done a whopping 350,000 already, compared with the official pre-launch estimate/hope of 300k. And if parent company Asustek could've made more it would've sold more - Eee PCs of all specs and sizes are still annoyingly sold out pretty much worldwide.

To celebrate, here's a particularly angelic and festive promotional image of a lovely happy family all brought together by the mega-portable laptop:


Look at how happy dad is! Those Eee PCs were really cheap, plus now the kids won't have to borrow his Core 2 Quad-Core Extreme Dell XPS 720 to do their homework on and get the mouse all sticky.

Right. That's it with Eee PC news. I have now dropped more than enough hints. If there's not one sitting under my Christmas tree I will be dead angry and Christmas day will be spent sulking on the computer trying to buy one for myself on eBay.

(Via DigiTimes)

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  • anu

    Actually, they seem to be in stock at PC World...

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