Tokyo Flash is back from outer space with the Oberon

Gary Cutlack Gadgets 3 Comments

tokyo-flash-oberon.jpgThe watch range that, if you’re lucky, narrows the time down to the nearest hour or so, has been updated again. Check out the sensational Tokyo Flash Oberon.

The Oberon’s weird selling point is its black steel body and curvy lines, with a dazzling white LED display on the top of it that you may be able to use to tell the time once you’ve read the manual. Here’s how it works:

“The outer ring of LEDs indicate the hour, the second ring indicates single minutes and the third, inner ring, indicates the minutes in groups of tens” – which makes this one… about… 11.33?

Get it over at Tokyo Flash.

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By Gary Cutlack | November 22nd, 2007

  • Johan

    Hm, shouldn’t it be 11:36?

  • RRRach

    where does one find a store that sells Toyko Flash watches? (living in San Francisco)

  • Flashy

    Great watches. Where can I find these watches in Hong Kong? I want to see the range physically before I get one.