TechnoHouse unveils Litefast 360-degree LED display

Stuart Dredge HDTV 1 Comment


Plasmas? LCDs? Tsk, they’re for idiots. What you want in your living room is a giant cylindrical transparent display, where four vertical bars holding 600 three-colour LEDs are arranged at 90-degree intervals. But who would sell you such a screen?

TechnoHouse, that’s who. The firm’s been showing off its Litefast display at the Inter BEE 2007 show, although it’s actually manufactured by German company Kinoton. And no, as you may have guessed, it’s not for watching DVDs on in your lounge. The seven-million Yen price tag (about £31,228) should tell you that.

But anyway, pretty cool eh? One day, they’ll build houses around this kind of display. Possibly.

(via Tech-On)

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By Stuart Dredge | November 22nd, 2007