Cops about to bring YouTube to life with 'Gun Cam'

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gun-camera-youtube-fun.jpgThe Newburgh police department is about to make the local crack addicts and hookers into celebrities, thanks to a trial of a gun-mounted camera system.

The little camera records whatever the gun’s pointing at. So for 99% of the day it’ll be the floor and urinals of the local Dunkin’ Donuts, then it’ll all blaze into life when officer Kochansky eventually waddles into action.

Newburgh police chief Eric Paolili came out with this particularly fine and bewildering ass-covering quote about the pilot scheme – “If the technology is there to be used and it’s an effective tool and we examine it and there’s no safety issues and there’s no issues with our guns there’s no issues that come to light during this pilot time, it’s one more tool that we can use.”

Which means if the cops don’t mind and it doesn’t drop them in it too much it could come into force when the current few-month-long trial ends.

Sadly we have no technical information about the megapixel count or frames-per-second abilities of the gun cam, which is clearly the most important issue facing the scheme.

(Via WREX)

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By Gary Cutlack | November 1st, 2007