The fastest notebook to run Windows Vista is a MacBook Pro (send your hatemail to PC World, not me)

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macbook-vista.jpgPC World, that veritable tome of PC (and Mac!) facts, has just uploaded a fancy laptop slideshow to their site showing ‘The Most Notable Notebooks of 2007′. Here’s hoping no-one releases any super-duper models between now and the end of the year, for their sake.

Anyway, the point to including some dodgy home photo of a MacBook Pro running Vista is that it’s apparently the fastest running Windows Vista notebook. Yes, a MacBook Pro is the fastest running Vista laptop. Do I have to repeat it again, as I don’t think I want to, it’s already forced enough horrid images through my optical nerve of a thing of beauty being run on a thing of evil.

Of course, all you Mac fanboys will disagree, but it’s rather ironic, isn’t it – Vista’s meant to be the fastest, baddest, meanest OS from Microsoft thus far, but it performs the best on a Mac. I’m off to slit my wrists now.

PC World’s Most Notable Notebooks of 2007

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By Katherine Hannaford | October 30th, 2007

  • John Kane

    So there’s a bit of grumbling on the internets that PC World, like, totally sold out and lied about the MacBook Pro being the fastest Vista laptop they ever tested (presumably just so they could get mentioned in that new Apple commercial, right?) shortly before the staff went cow tipping and passed out drunk in a public park. The reality is PC World apparently hadn’t tested a laptop faster than the MacBook Pro at the time, and it wasn’t until weeks later they tested the Eurocom D900C Phantom-X, which handily bested Apple’s lappie by a broad margin. At least that’s what PC World’s editor Harry McCracken told us, but then again we did hear he recently got an Apple tat and is planning a hostile takeover of Macworld magazine in ’08.