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The Chumby squeezable clock/ultraportable wi-fi lump

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It's a sort of bedside mini internet device, the logical update to the clock radio. Chumby is designed to keep you in touch with your "internet life," so if you wake up immediately in a panic about Facebook, email, blog updates, news feeds, RSS, Twitters, other blogs and whatnot, Chumby is ready.

Your other half will no doubt be ecstatic that there's an internet connection right next to you 24 hours a day.


The 3'5" LCD screen beats staring at a mobile phone's web browser, plus there's wi-fi, two USB sockets for dumping stuff onto/into its 128MB of RAM, plus speakers and a headphone socket. It also has a squeeze sensor. We are not sure why. If you get one, you may fall in love with it and end up spending way too much time of at the Chumby gallery.

Chumby could well be huge - or a disaster. Either way it'd be a good idea to buy a couple of the $200 curiosities to keep and whack on eBay in a few years time. The first batch are shipping right now. There's nothing quite like a Chumby.

(Via Gadgeteer)

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