Boldly go 18 holes with the Star Trek Enterprise putter

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Yes, I’m shocked too – Star trek fans leaving the house. But apparently some do and some of those play golf, with this limited-edition Golfsmith Star Trek Enterprise NCC-1701 putter likely to be in the bag.

By all accounts, it’s a good putter too, with the club designed for its golfing merits and overall balance on the greens. But once the end result had the look of classic craft, there was only one way to go – the whole hog with Star Trek official licensing.

Limited edition, with just 1701 available, you can pick one up for the course for a fairly reasonable $130 (around £65). Or you can just stick in your Star Trek room.

Star Trek store (via Sci-fi Tech)

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By Dave Walker | October 30th, 2007