Top ten gadgets for land-lubbin' types to celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day

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pirate%20toast.jpgAs you would’ve garnered from our previous post and my ever so descriptive title on this one, it’s International Talk Like A Pirate Day. To get lots and lots of hits from Google search entries celebrate, we haven’t just uncorked a bottle of rum and donned an eye-patch, we’ve taken it one step further and hunted down the best 10 pirate-themed gadgets money can buy. And, in true pirate style, the last one, below the jump, doesn’t need any money at all to acquire, as it’s stolen. Arrrr!

1.) Pirate toast stamper from Perpetual Kid
– pirates eat toast, right? Right? Well, they certainly don’t eat their fruit and veg. Simply press the stamper on a piece of bread before toasting, and when it’s been burnt to taste, a pirate symbol will be printed. $2.99.

2.) Pirates of the Caribbean 20” Combo TV/DVD Player – Again, I doubt pirates actually watch TV or DVDs, but ye land lubbin’ types need a way to watch all your Johnny Depp films. It’s $199 from the Disney shop.

3.) Puzzle Pirates game – a ‘casual’ MMORPG, which allows you to live out all your seafaring fantasies. And say ‘arrr!’ What more could you want?

4.) Interactive parrot from Hammacher Schlemmer – a pirate just isn’t a pirate without a parrot. Or is that a parrot just isn’t a parrot without a pirate? It talks, and is completely interactive, not bad for $79.95.

sexypirateebay.jpg5.) Sexy 6 foot pirate figure on eBay
– granted, it’s probably not available on the ‘bay anymore, but, err, check out those jugs of rum there. Arrr!

6.) Pirates of the Caribbean flash drives from A-Data – yet another tenuous merchandise choice from Walt Disney, you’ve got to give them credit at least for packing 8GBs worth of memory into each stick.

7.) Pop-up Pirate 4 port USB hub – everyone needs a 4-port USB hub to go with their meagre supplied dual ports, and why not take out some aggression at the same time? This USB hub allows you to stab pirates as they pop up, and for only £20 each.

8.) Skull toaster from random German site – If the above toast stamper takes too much energy out of you – stamping sure is strenuous! – then this skull toaster will do the exact same thing. And there’s even a piratised Guns N Roses phrase on the front, ‘Sweet toast of mine’. Aww.

9.) Black Pearl Remote Control Pirate Ship – we obviously can’t get enough of Pirates of the Caribbean themed tat, and who wouldn’t want a r/c pirate ship? That can, err, swim through your lounge room floor?It’s recently been discounted to $32.99.

10.) The Pirate Bay’s Suprnova BitTorrent hub
– The Pirate Bay is reportedly the world’s largest BitTorrent tracker, and based in Sweden, they’ve obviously encountered a heck of a lot of problems. In fact, their Suprnova site was shut down back in 2004, but only last month they relaunched it, blowing a big virtual raspberry in the direction of record labels, movie studios and TV broadcasters. Act like a true pirate and steal all the films and music you want from Suprnova – if you dare, arrrr!

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By Katherine Hannaford | September 19th, 2007