Top 5 Gadgets For Jose Mourinho

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If there’s one thing us fellas love more than football, it’s gadgets! And with Jose Mourinho now leaving Chelsea and Stamford Bridge, he’ll have a bit of time on his hands – plus a bit of spare cash no doubt with any payoff he may have got.

So, just in case he’s sitting there at home today reading Tech Digest while watching the TV disect his and Roman Abramovitch’s decision, here’s our top five gizmos that the man in the funny coat might like. Five special ones for ‘The Special One’ I guess you could call it.

ken_po.jpgKenpo iPod Jacket
All good football managers need a decent coat – not only does it keep them warm in the winter, it gives the papers something to write about and keeps the photographers busy flashing away. And if Jose wants to ditch that grey overcoat this winter, he could do worse than one of these casual iPod jackets from Kenpo.

Not only do they look pretty stylish, there’s a hood to keep his shorn head warm and buttons in the sleeves to control the music player. Best of all, he could download the hilarious podcast from The Sun featuring Jose Mourinho impersonator Mario Rosenstock and remind himself of some fond memories! You can find it on the following page if you fancy a listen – just click below!

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Lam_pard.jpgOrange Sony Ericsson W910

The network has the Christmas exclusive on this but unfortunately for Jose, it comes in RED. And while Graham Taylor did not like Orange, Red probably hasn’t been Mourinho’s favourite colour of late. Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal and Red Rom – none of them have been kind to him. But then, he’s no longer a Blue is he, so maybe it’s time for a change.

And best of all, he can use the Orange network to keep up-to-date with the latest from Stamford Bridge via Frank Lampard’s very own TV channel that runs on the service. Frank TV it’s called, because there’s nothing like being a little bit arrogant, surely Jose can appreciate that!

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Facebook Russian Roulette

We all know the positives of FB, keeping you in touch with former pals. So it might be an idea for Mourinho to sign up and stay in contact with the likes of John Terry and Didier Drogba. Whether Avram Grant makes it onto his friends’ list is anyone’s guess but he could at least try his luck with this Facebook application which puts a cartoon revolver on your profile allowing friends to try their luck with it.

The app keeps track of how many visitors have died when their luck ran out. On second thoughts, maybe he will want Grant and Roman Abramovitch on there just in case they fancy playing.

apple-ipod.jpgApple iPod Touch

Well, if he’s got the jacket for it, he may as well have this gizmo too. After all, he can use the WiFi to keep track of the football scores and store pictures on it of potential new clubs and players he’s interested in. And as he’s probably now bored of Blue Is The Colour, he can always search out some MP3s of Chas and Dave which will come in handy when he takes over at Tottenham Hotspur!

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If the Chelsea stars are looking for something to buy Jose as a leaving pressie, then there’s plenty on this post like the Sensible Soccer Plug’n’Play, a levitating football, or FridgeFootie so he can plan new tactics for whatever side he manages using some magnets. Or they could just give him a free link to our ace blog Chelsea Pieswhere he can find out exactly what is going on at the club he once loved so much!

By Jonathan Weinberg | September 20th, 2007